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Saved, Certain, and Transformed

Saved, Certain, and Transformed It is very significant that most Great Awakenings involved many doubting saints finding assurance and lost church members finding true salvation. While no one knows the exact percentage, we do know significant numbers of believers struggle with nagging doubts about their salvation. Even more alarming, our Lord states that many who now think they are saved, are tragically deceived. (Matthew 7:22; Luke 13:26) In this biblical grace-filled book, readers will experience God’s answer to the central barriers to spiritual awakening — unconverted church members, doubting saints and powerless prayer lives. In Saved, Certain and Transformed, believers find full victory as their doubts are laid to rest and God’s peace becomes real. Countless others will discover true new birth in Christ. All will learn to walk in powerful prayer and fullness. Throughout history, true revivals began with the three main emphases contained in this book. May this church-wide study be a tool for many salvations, full assurance and sweeping spiritual awakening. For God’s glory, we must settle for nothing less! Click Here to Read More or to Purchase

Developing Evangelistic, Revival-Producing Prayer Ministries

This resource is uniquely designed to motivate pastors and leaders to build powerful evangelistic prayer ministries. Unless church leaders are convinced and motivated, dynamic prayer ministries simply do not occur. The tool lays out fifteen effective strategies any church could do. Readers learn to develop prayer ministries that transform churches and increase baptisms. Yet rather than embracing prayer ministries as “another program”, churches learn to experience a relationship journey with God. Click Here to Read More or to Purchase

Restoring Our First Love

In a day of increasing talk of solemn assemblies, it is vital to embrace the type God can accept. A dangerous mistake is to think efforts at prayer and repentance are automatically accepted by God. In this tool, believers discover the biblical balance of Old Testament solemn assemblies with New Testament grace and power. We learn to revere God as holy. Instead of seeking God mostly to relieve earthly problems, we return to first love for Jesus and Great Commission passion. We learn to embrace deep repentance by grace through faith and Spirit empowerment. In ways that are biblical and practical, believers re-discover “the joy and power of the Lord as their strength.” Click Here to Read More or to Purchase