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“A Journey of First Love Surrender”

After forty years of emphases on “prayer and repentance,” we are forced to face a most sobering reality. There is far more talk and activities about revival than genuinely experiencing God in it. In spite of voluminous programs and strategies, baptism ratios and morality have never been lower. The preeminent question is why? In Return to Me, readers discover the vast difference in merely “saying” prayers of surface confession and full loving surrender to Christ’s Lordship.

Drawn directly from Zechariah 1:3, Return to Me is an experiential journey to renewed power in God’s grace and Spirit. In this tool, believers discover how to fully surrender and experience the daily grace of spiritual fullness. But far more than a temporary program, this journey is a lasting covenant of first love passion for God. Believers learn to embrace the essential steps of lasting obedience and closeness with Christ. For those who truly surrender, the result is revival and empowered evangelism. For God’s glory, we must settle for nothing less. (Isaiah 43:7; John 15:8)

  for $7 each ($5 for 50+)


For over twenty-five years, Dr. Frizzell has pastored churches and conducted national prayer conferences. His life-long research is prayer, evangelism, and spiritual awakening. On this subject, he has written over twenty books. For four years, he hosted three multi-state radio programs addressing prayer and revival. He has served as Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Specialist of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and the North American Mission Board. Dr. Frizzell is founder and president of a non-profit ministry that distributes books and resources in well over thirty languages. His wife Sandy is a treasured prayer partner and invaluable aide to his ministry.

If you have any questions regarding an existing order of his books, please email For International orders, please contact Greg Frizzell at The books are shipped Tuesday and Thursday only. Orders received after 4:00 am EST on Monday will be shipped the following Thursday. Orders received after 4:00 am EST on Wednesday will be shipped the following Tuesday. Additionally, there will be no orders shipped on the following dates:

  • Jan 22nd
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  • Nov 12th then 27th to 28th
  • Dec 18th to Jan 3, 2020
  • If you order books during these dates, they will be shipped on the next day they are in the office. Thank you.

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    1. Greg Frizzell

      There is a Bible Covenant card that can be ordered under the Resource tab for praying the Attributes of God. They are available individually or in lots of 25. Blessings, Sandy


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