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Powerful Prayer for Every Family

Powerful Prayer for Every Family

In a day of unprecedented attack on marriages and children, it has never been more crucial for families to experience God’s close presence. Yet today, busy families seem to flounder when it comes to the most crucial foundation — powerful prayer! Thank God, our Lord has provided a powerful remedy for even the busiest families. There is good news in the fact any family can learn to experience prayers that truly transform and protect. In Powerful Prayer for Every Family, readers will discover the essential missing keys. (Matthew 6:6-13)

Praying a Hedge of Protection
While studies show most families pray in ways that are far too general and vague, more and more are learning to pray with power! They are learning it really does matter what and how they pray. Believers are also discovering how to pray an effective “hedge of protection” around their loved ones. Perhaps best of all, families are learning that powerful prayer patterns are not complicated, impractical or out of reach.

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