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Pastor Search Conference

Pastor Search Conference

Is your church currently in or just beginning a pastor search period? Feel like your congregation could use a jolt of encouragement during this interim time? If so,you might want to discuss a possible conference with Dr. Gregory Frizzell. As Frank Page, Past-President and CEO of the Southern Baptist Convention, Executive committee stated,” I commend to you both the book, Seeking God to Seek Pastor and the Church-wide Renewal Conference. Everyone needs this type of resource as they seek God’s man for their church. Dr. Gregory Frizzell brings a deep spiritual commitment and a lifetime of experience to assist churches in their pivotal time of transition.” To check to see if Dr. Frizzell has an open date on his calendar, please email

Pastor Search Resources

Is your church in the process of seeking God for a new pastor? If so, there is set of resources available to assist the committee with the process. The book, Seeking God to Seek a Pastor will walk the committee through from the first day until a new pastor is received. It also enables the committee to support the pastor and evaluate the first year.

Two companion pieces are also available. The Seeking God Extras contains a workbook with many forms, prayer lists, covenants and steps for the committee to work through with the church under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. It also helps the committee to encourage church unity and deepen the church’s closeness with Christ. The forms contained in the pdf are customizable for any setting. 

With the rise of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and potential for legal issues arising from such scenarios, the Church must be prepared to investigate, report and handle allegations as well as do thorough background checks of all staff and volunteers. Be use to check with your local, city, county, state and all federal guidelines when adding new staff or volunteers. Consultation with your church’s attorney of record should be done to review your current by-laws, practices, policies and procedures to insure that you are in compliance with any new laws or policies. To assist in this effort, a helpful group of resources can be found at:

The Interview book helps the committee during that part of the process and provides a means to create a permanent record of their work. If you are interested in either the print book or the “extras,” they may be ordered online at