August, 2021
I just wanted to say thank you for your book How To Develop A Powerful Prayer Life. This book, along with Donald Whitney’s book Praying the Bible, have helped me to find what I was searching for. And that is Jesus. I knew He was wanting me to have a deeper prayer life, but it was more than that. He was calling me to come closer so we could have a real relationship. I’m 67 years old and have been a Christian since I was 12. I wished I had been taught how to pray to the Bible many years ago so I could have this relationship longer while still on this earth. But I’m thankful to have it now because it will increase my anticipation for when I see Him face to face. Thank you. May God bless you and your ministry to millions of other believers who don’t know what they are missing. Kathy J.

March, 2020
Dr. Frizzell, I have no idea if you will ever see this message, but at least I will know that I sent it. I signed up to attend a Circle at our church on prayer. Although I prayed, I knew I was lacking in this area. We used a workbook titled ‘Igniting a Passion to Pray’ from Moms in Prayer International. At the same time, we were given the opportunity to order your book. After reading just the first page I was in tears. I knew without a doubt I needed to read more. I’ve finished it, but I keep picking it up and reading more. It has changed the way I pray and is the best guide book on prayer I have ever read. I know that you are responsible for changing so many lives over the years. You are serving our Holy Father well. I’m sure that He is so pleased with what you have done with your gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. God bless you and your wife and your ministry!

Brenda G

March 31, 2017

Dear Dr. Frizzell,

I just wanted to give you a praise report on our study of your book, How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life at our church. We had about 14 women ranging in age from 25 to 89 years old. They were all very excited and very receptive. Teaching your books to these women was a true blessings for me.

Many of the women who had been in church for many years said they learned much about prayer that they had not been taught before. As for me, the emphasis on confession really helped. Also the teaching on praying through the fruits of the Spirit has been very helpful. Thank you for writing the book and teaching about prayer. I know it will be far reaching in our women and our church.  L. Gritton

June 22, 2015

Hello, I just finished reading your book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life, it has changed my life and I can’t believe I found such a powerful book at a garage sale for under fifty cent. All I know is that God sent me to that garage sale, what a jewel. I’ve repented, and cried and saw things in a way I never have before. I just can’t wait until the other books I’ve ordered get here. God bless you and your ministry. I know someday I’ll meet you in heaven and I can really tell you what this book did for me — I’m not the same person as before. Thank you M. Tucker

Sandy, Thank you for your reply.
I have bought a lot of this book (How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life) and given them away. Or some people have requested I get them one after I show them some things in it. This is a great teaching tool that I have used in my ladies Bible Study class. This is a book I think needs to be read by every Christian. My pray life has been greatly changed though this book. God Bless, N. Dodson

June, 19, 2015

Thank you for your kind email. I spent 7 hours yesterday in How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life and truly God is speaking to me through this anointed book. I can feel the presence of God as I study. I would so love to have you and Dr Greg here with us in conference! I am so blessed to have found both of the books and thank God for already beginning to change my relationship with Him. I had purposed to study prayer this year I am so hungry for true relationship with my Father. I pray God that God will bless you and bless you. Thank you for these priceless resources!

M. Dennis, Birmingham, United Kingdom

August, 14, 2013

Dr. Frizzell,

My name is J. James. I wanted to write you and inform you of the impact your personal testimony and books Returning to Holiness and How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life have had on my life. You spoke at Sunnyside Baptist Church in Oklahoma City a few years ago. God used what you shared. I purchased several copies of Returning to Holiness. No other book, excluding the Bible, has influenced my life in the same way. Every time I start a new discipleship group, this is the first book we read and pray through.

I moved to Georgia from Oklahoma in 2010. I have shared Returning to Holiness with several people since moving. About 3 months ago, Dan, a man I met at a prayer meeting borrowed my last copy. He read through the book and was so moved that he has purchased over 40 copies and we have been passing them out at our Thursday prayer meetings. God is moving!

I just wanted to thank you for your honesty and faithfulness to be used of God while penning this book. May God richly bless you and your family!

Toward the next Great Awakening!

September 9, 2012

I want to share with you an amazing story. On July 22, 2012 First Baptist Church called our new senior pastor. We believe that you played a huge part in the success of finding a great pastor! The Pastor Search Committee followed your advice and sought the Face of God before we sought the man God had to be our Senior Pastor. Each step of the way we sensed the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The Pastor Search Committee was unanimous in presenting the candidate to the church. The church voted unanimously to call him as our pastor. It was an believable journey and he will preach his first sermon as our pastor September 9.

After you were with us in April, God began a work to get us ready to receive our new pastor. I have never seen the spirit of God work so forcefully in my 55 years of ministry. Thank you for your ministry and prayers. Please feel free to share our story as encouragement to other churches. By the way we gave our interim pastor a love offering of $14,500 last Sunday!

August 28, 2012

I am pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. We have seen a mighty work through the book Returning to Holiness and it has made a significant difference in our church and the prison ministry we are involved in. We see about 400+ prisoners a week come to our classes and some we get to spend some one-on-one time with. One of my deacons was recently walking through this book with a Muslim and he was transformed and has since written his wife and told her of his faith. His family wants nothing to do with him, but he is writing letters and witnessing to the changes Christ has made in his life and Return to Holiness has played a significant role in this. I could also recount many stories from my church from the Deacons to the youngest member Whitley who got saved during our cleansing process (she had claimed to be a Christian for 10 years). It is awesome… Thanks!

“Testimony given by phone July, 2010”

Christina Brown, Chaplain for Billy Graham, was given a copy of your book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. She said that she thought she knew a lot about prayer, but that your book was truly a God-send. She shared the book on a mission trip to Sudan last week and she said the power of God was tremendous. The people were very receptive and prayed for hours on end and that God’s power was manifest in a mighty way. She thanked you for your obedience to follow God’s call in writing this book.

July, 2010

Praise the Lord, I am glad to testify Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I am born again and I thank the Lord for saving me.I came across a book you have written about prayer. Indeed it has blessed my life. May the Lord bless you. You may not know how many people you have encouraged here in Africa Kenya in particular but when we get to heaven you will be amaized. God bless as you keep the fire burning for Christ. Thanks and God bless you.
Ev. Jackie M.

June, 2010

Returning to Holiness is a very special book, it is a book which demands actions and true repeteance. I read it on my way to Mbeya, and now I am studying it prayerful since September 25th, and we have agreed with my wife that we will study it as a family, once I am through. I agree with the author that if we are genuinely asking God to bring revival in our lives, our Churches, and our Countries/Continent and the World, we must RETURN TO HOLINESS. we must truly repent and encourage each other to live a sanctified life before the Lord.

from a leader of the Tanzania Baptist Convention

July, 2009,

Dear Dr. Frizzell,

You spoke at our church earlier this year and it has changed my entire life. This is just a little thank you note and a request to buy more books. Your sermon was crafted beautifully and I was eager to hear the secret to a powerful prayer life. After you explained the need for confession, I wanted to run immediately and pray. I could hardly wait to get rid of the burden of my sin. Of course, I needed to finish the service, have lunch and start my weekly activities with my family.

Not long after your visit, our pastor preached a wonderful series about quiet times that re-enforced what you had said. Between some of his suggestions and your book, I started out. My journal pages will bear witness to my tentative and less than consistent beginnings in the first of April, but it has been amazing. I never knew how to confess or even examine my sin before. I won’t bore you with my notebook details except to say that during my confession time I have been using the categories, descriptions(symptoms) and the scriptures every day.

Wow, there is no escaping the truth when I come face to face with His Word. He has been so faithful to forgive me. I am making progress and becoming much more aware of Him moment by moment. How can I thank you enough for showing me this? Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you. I have never felt this free, joyful and blissfully in love with Jesus in my 40 years of Christian service! My husband and children are astounded (and happy).
Jane D.

March, 2009

Dr. Frizzell,

I attended a women’s conference over the weekend and purchased your book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. I have read many books on prayer and have learned from all of them; however, your book has literally been life changing in my prayer life. I can’t say that I have mastered all the points of prayer you teach but at least I feel that I am truly on my way to becoming an effective pray-er.
Thanks so much for writing and sharing such biblical wisdom and insight on God’s word. I would like to order the book “Returning to Holiness: A Personal and Churchwide Journey to Revival.D. Evans

January, 2009

Hi Dr. Frizzell,

I was introduced to your book How To Develop a Powerful Prayer Life by one of my Pastor friends in Cleveland, OH in 2007. I recently began reading the book and am so excited about it and sharing it in the Resource Room ministry (CDs and books), which I manage at my church in California. In prayer, I told God that I needed a tool to help me pray better. I used to be earnest in prayer and as a church leader I was often in intercession for my pastor and souls, but suffered spiritual attack and through hurt retreated. I was in the process of seeking to rebuild my prayer life. I have a bookshelf over the area where I pray that is cluttered with books. As soon as I said the words God led me to reach up and my hand miraculously picked up this book. No other, just this book. It was sweet water to a thirsty soul. I hope and pray that TMD, or you personally, are still publishing this book. I have a number of people already interested in it and I’d like to buy some copies wholesale for retail sale and as gifts.
J. Rutledge

January 27, 2009

Saw your name in Open Windows this morning. I was impressed to wish you a Happy Birthday and to thank you for blessing me. We have never met, but I recently was blessed by your “Returning to Holiness” book. About that time the deacons of our church asked me to provide some training for them so I started that with an 8 week course using that book with them, the pastor, and their spouses. We were changed enough to ask our church to join us in another cycle of study. We currently have 54 people in 7 different classes meeting through the week seeking God. Thank you for your ministry to us. The change in attitudes has been terrific. I am so looking forward to what He is going to do. Pray for us, please. I am trusting the Father to lead us into genuine cleansing and revival.
John H.of Eaton, Ohio

January 25, 2009

Dr. Frizzell,
While taking in some shows in Branson MO my wife and I visited a friend, Carol Bell in Springfield. While there she invited us to attend the Saturday night service at which you lectured on “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life”. Wish we could have stayed for the rest of the program, but had to leave on Sunday for home. I purchased two sets of the three books that you offered, one for myself and one for my pastor. I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I have been studying and putting into practice, A Practical Daily Prayer Guide. I truly believe that helping people learn to develop a powerful prayer life could change the church.

January 19, 2009

Dear Dr. Frizzell,
I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and relationship with God through books. My mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law introduced me to your books. I have read Returning to Holiness and How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. First, Returning to Holiness helped me to completely transform my relationship with God, and then How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life helped to enhance my relationship with God. I just want you to know that you touched my life forever and I thank you! I look foward to reading more of your books! Sincerely, Traci

January 19, 2009

Dear Dr Frizzell,
My name is Ebenezer a 22 year old Ghanaian.I recently bought one of your books titled How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Lifeand this book has really help me a lot in developing me prayer life and all I want to do is to thank you for such a wonderful book. I pray the good Lord will continue to give the knowledge and strength to write such wonderful books for us.I have really learn a lot God richly Bless youthank you once again
eben o.

January 17, 2009

Dr. Frizzell,
Please allow me to begin by thanking you for your obedience to God in writing this book. It is easy to see God’s hand upon you as one works through the pages of this book. I am a Southern Baptist pastor at a small country church in central NC. I was given your book by my DOM for Christmas 2-3 years ago. I am sorry to say that I looked at it, thought it was a “nice” gift and placed it on my bookshelf. I am planning for a Baptist Lay Witness revival at the end of March and thought that I should begin planning some messages toward that end. I pulled down your book to begin skimming it for sermon ideas and WOW!
God has used you book to mightily convict me of some areas in my life that are falling well below His desire for me. The end result is this, I would like to order copies of your book Returning to Holiness, in order to take the church I pastor through it in preparation for revival.
H. McNeil

November 13, 2007

Hello Dr. Frizzell,

My name is Eli F. and I have recently finished reading you book, How to Develop Powerful Prayer Life. It is very insightful and practical. I have a long way to go before I begin to feel confident about my prayer life. Like man ministers that you mentioned in your book, this is an area of my walk with Christ that has been a constant struggle. Your book is such an encouragement to me, in fact I am reading it for a second time. I am also planning to use it as the main resource for a series of teaching on prayer in our church.
Thank you
Eli F.

November 12, 2007
Dear Brother Frizzell,

Thank you sooooo much for your book, How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. God has used it greatly in my life. I can not express how I praise God for this book. My name is Linda C. My husband was called into fulltime Ministry in 1996. We moved to Gray Georgia in August of 1998 to plant a church. Our sponsoring church was 1st Baptist Church of Gray. Anyway it was a miracle and just like your book we could tell many miracles that God has done for us and our family. We moved with our six children and now have 7 children. My husband and I have been married 23years. Our lives changed because of prayer, our marriage changed because my husband started praying. I know the power of prayer but I never really had a consistent time of prayer. I was the pray with out ceasing (with seven children you can understand why) However, I knew that I still needed more time with the Lord. I do and did pray about everything. My husband has taught me to pray on the spot with people and for situations when they come up. I have a prayer partner that I would pray with once a week and that was really the only time I seemed to carve out for myself. We would pray and study for at least 3-4 hours. I desired to spend more time with God, but habits of staying up late (Babies etc.) and trying to get up early just didn’t work. Like the Bible says “What does it profit a man to stay up late and rise early? Our association had a Prayer Conference and my husband & I went and it just re-affirmed things to my husband that he had learned in prayer.

Therefore we taught this conference to our church. Our DOM gave us your book. We loved it. We read it together as a part of our bible study together and I was lead to go to my closet in my bedroom and pray. I also put an alarm in my bathroom so I would get up. Then I wrote my self a note on a sticky pad that said “Good Morning Thou Good and Faithful Servant Wash your face and Go Meet your God!!!! It has worked!!!! There was a time when something with ministry or family knock me off of my routine,(5:30am prayer) but I remembered what you said the word says “There is No Condemnation in Christ.” And I return to practice. I knew had to get up early and make him first Sometimes my practice is not in the same place, but I try to carve out at least an hour of alone time with just me and the Lord. And the funny thing is an Hour does not seem to be enough. I am going through your book again and I am motivated all over again. I also received your other book, Return to Holiness.Thank You sooooo much. The Spirit of God and your book has changed me and has made me more determined than ever fight for my time with the Lord. I would like to purchase more books for every person in our church. At the beginning of the year we go on a Church Wide fast for 21 days & we meet to pray on Wednesday instead of Bible study. I believe your book will encourage our small church to pray as my husband has preached over and over again. We will need 30 books of How to Develop a Powerful Prayer life and 10 books Returning to Holiness. We have 14 adults and 7 teenagers that attend on a regular basis and are members. I would like each person to have a prayer book and each family household to have Return to Holiness. This will leave us with a few extra to give away. Please Let me know what I must do to purchase your books. I need to have them before January 1st, 2008. Thank you so much!!!! Your Labor in the Lord is NOT in vain. God Continue to bless you Linda C.

June 1, 2007
Dear Dr. Frizzell,

We are so thankful to God for the ministry He gave us. We have blessed thousands of lives through the books. Returning to Holiness is in its 5th edition and How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life, in its 4th. The total is 207,500 books printed (for Brazilian pastors and congregations in Portuguese). We thank you so much for your help. The funds you sent arrived here on May 15th. People keep on looking for the books, reading them and having their lives transformed by God.

We have more good news, Releasing the Revival Flood is all translated. Sister Hedy Silvado has made a wonderful job again. Now we have to do the revision and correct Portuguese. Some people that know we will soon edit the 3rd Book have already been asking when it will be ready. They are eager to read it. We hope to print this book before the end of the year. God has been wonderful to our ministry and family.

Juracy Bahalia, President of Brazilian Baptist Convention

Dear Dr. Frizzell:
I am a member of a local church board and we have been looking at ordering some books to be used by small groups. The book that we are currently considering is How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. If you have any other books that you could recommend, please let us know. Our church is located in Jamaica, West Indies. Regards Arlene B

May 31, 2007
Bro. Frizzell, I am the Director of Missions for the Big Spring Baptist Association in Texas. I have just finished reading your guide for daily cleansing and church-wide solemn assemblies. I want to thank you for writing this book. I think it is the finest book I have read on the subject. I am also pastor of one of the association churches and plan to preach throughout the summer on the contents of this book.

I am a new DOM and we are planning an area wide crusade in the fall. I have a desire to get into the hands of all my pastors and deacons a copy of this book. I also want some for the church I pastor. Thanks and God Bless you in your ministry of calling our nation and world back to holiness. In Christ, Bro. John McCullough

May 11, 2007
Hi! I just finished going through your book Returning To Holiness—what an experience–thank you so much for writing such a powerful resource! I would like to purchase several copies of your book. Thank you for your help in this matter.Karan S.

April 25, 2007
Bro Frizzell, I have just read the booklet Biblical Patterns for Powerful Church Prayer Meetings and was blessed by it. Would you tell me where I could get more copies and how much they would be? Also I am interested in the book A Comprehensive Guide to Church and Small Group Prayer Meetings. Thank you Charleen H.

Dear Dr. Frizzell: Our pastor had a copy of How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life through the South Carolina Baptist Convention. What an outstanding book. I’ve been asking our Lord for a resource to take me to a higher level of prayer…and our Lord sent you. It has been easy to go 30 minutes the last two days – I use my 5 fingers to remind me of the 5 types of prayer.How do I go about purchasing Returning to Holiness? And how can I be praying for you? Ed C.from Conway, SC

Dear Dr. Frizzell:
A year or more ago, my son gave me a copy of your book, How To Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. I knew I needed to read it so I put it in a personal notebook that I carry with me most all the time. But, I never read it until recently, when I had to take my invalid wife and evacuate in the wake of Hurricane Rita. While in a shelter (we were fortunate that some wonderful people made their guest house available to us), I read your book. I am in the process of developing the pattern of prayer you describe because I know it can establish the relationship with God that I have long wanted to have.I was also impressed to give a copy of that book to each of my Sunday School class members and to some other friends and our church leadership. Thank you for writing this important book and I pray for God’s continued blessings on your life and ministries. Sincerely, Robert S.

Dear Dr. Frizzell,

My name is Adriana Minculescu, I am 26 and I presently live in Bucharest, Romania. I am a student at the Romanian Bible University where I enrolled in a Master Program of Bible Studies and Mission.

I just wanted to write you a short message to tell you that I particularly like your book How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life. I find it very practical and encouraging for a Christian who wants a change in her prayer life. Thank you for the simple and yet profound truths you have expressed in your book!

May God bless you continue to inspire you !

Love, in Christ, Adriana

Dear Dr. Frizzell,

A little over a year ago I had the immense pleasure of being in one of your breakout sessions at the Evangelism Conference at Lexington, KY. Your teaching and testimonies on prayer greatly affected me.

I began trying to organize a prayer group at my church, having been moved by the difference you had said it made in your church. We were without a pastor, and things looked bleak. God sent us a pastor shortly after that, one who believes in prayer. He and I are trying again to organize a prayer group at our church, it began with he and I on our faces before God in the front of our sanctuary. Now, in answer to our prayers, He has added more.

The reason I am writing is to thank you for that day you took your time to share the truths about prayer, and thank you for dedicating your life to the Lord and to prayer. Your humbleness in your presentation greatly moved me, sometimes to tears.

Thank you again!

Your brother in Christ,

John L.

Just want to let you know how much the Lord is changing my life as well as my men’s group as we go through your book, How To Develop A Powerful Prayer Life. It is a wonderful journey. Also your message and Henry Blackaby’s message at the Evangelism Conference changed me like never before. I was moved to commit to no less than 45 minutes a day in prayer. I haven’t missed a day. That commitment has been most fulfilling. I will never start another day without first going to Him in prayer. I can’t wait to get with God and most of the time it ends with 60 minutes or more. I finally understand the power of a pure life and obedience. Before it was always, I’ll pray if I have time and if the phone doesn’t ring. Most of the time I never even spent time with God on the weekends; I had too many other things going on. Never again! It is just God and I, no matter what! And you know what? Now nothing else matters. I still have bad days, problems to solve, things to do, however, the difference is, I’ve been with God. Thanks for leading!

In His Presence and Grace,