Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Revised Edition

“Turning Pastor Search into Church-wide Renewal!”

For churches in the midst of pastor search, I have great news! When the pastor leaves, Jesus doesn’t. How glorious to realize the interim can actually become a powerful time of growth and transformation. Unfortunately for most churches that is definitely not what transpires. Seeking God To Seek A Pastor (Revised Edition) helps interim churches refocus on Jesus as the true Head of the Church. This process helps congregations experience the dynamic prayer, deep renewal, and relational healing that prepares them for a powerful new beginning. Especially in our day of confusion, it is critical to help churches discern their most strategic needs and clearly hear God’s voice in their critical decisions.

In this tool, committees and churches experience three crucial elements now missing from most search procedures. First, the search committee and church body embrace a powerful process of increased prayer, cleansing, and unity. Second, the church is helped to identify its primary barriers to true revival and kingdom-growth. Third, committees learn how to draw near to God and clearly hear His voice for the right pastor.

Dear saints, with over seventy percent of churches either plateaued or declining, we simply cannot continue with “business as usual.” The time of pastor search is a rich opportunity for growth and change. Seeking God To Seek A Pastor (Revised Edition) can be your path to a whole new closeness with Christ. It is my fervent prayer that searching churches will find far more than a new pastor. May we find the manifest presence of God Himself. For His glory and spread of His kingdom, let us settle for nothing less!

With the rise of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and potential for legal issues arising from such scenarios, the Church must be prepared to investigate, report and handle allegations as well as do thorough background checks of all staff and volunteers. Be use to check with your local, city, county, state and all federal guidelines when adding new staff or volunteers. Consultation with your church’s attorney of record should be done to review your current by-laws, practices, policies and procedures to insure that you are in compliance with any new laws or policies. To assist in this effort, a helpful group of resources can be found at:

Updated 7/15/2021

$ 9.50 Revised Edition

For over twenty-five years, Dr. Frizzell has pastored churches and conducted national prayer conferences. His life-long research is prayer, evangelism, and spiritual awakening. On this subject, he has written over twenty books. For four years, he hosted three multi-state radio programs addressing prayer and revival. He has served as Prayer and Spiritual Awakening Specialist of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and the North American Mission Board. Dr. Frizzell is founder and president of a non-profit ministry that distributes books and resources in well over thirty languages. His wife Sandy is a treasured prayer partner and invaluable aide to his ministry.

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