Developing Evangelistic, Revival-Producing Prayer Ministries

This resource is uniquely designed to motivate pastors and leaders to build powerful evangelistic prayer ministries. Unless church leaders are convinced and motivated, dynamic prayer ministries simply do not occur. The tool lays out fifteen effective strategies any church could do. Readers learn to develop prayer ministries that transform churches and increase baptisms. Yet rather than embracing prayer ministries as “another program”, churches learn to experience a relationship journey with God. Click Here to Read More or to Purchase

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Extras

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor These tools are available to churches who have purchased the Seeking God to Seek a Pastor books. Gregory Frizzell Ministries provides two companion tools for assisting the process of seeking God’s perfect will in a pastor. The Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Workbook is a 184 page book which contains all appendices (A through Z) from the revised Seeking God to Seek a Pastor book. It also contains other tools for additional help. The guides are available as pdf documents which can be copied, printed and edited to suit each church’s process and setting. These tools and documents save committees and church staff countless man-hours by not having to re-create the formats, letters, evaluation forms and surveys, etc. The tools may be used in part or whole as needed. The second tool is the Seeking God to Seek a Pastor Interview Tool. This tool is a 29 page guide for use during the three stage interview process provided in the main book. The interview tool contains the sixty evaluation questions with sufficient blanks to record the candidate’s answers, committee comments and thoughts for each question. This resource may be printed as many times as needed but the contents cannot be edited. The interview tool is of great value for keeping interviews organized and well documented for later reference. Click Here to Read More or to Purchase

Iceberg Dead Ahead

Iceberg Dead Ahead “Recognizing Our “Day of Visitation” Before It’s Too Late” When we look at America and most churches, we are forced to one biblical conclusion — we are already under some measure of judgment and it is quickly worsening! By many indications, there really is an “iceberg dead ahead.” The iceberg is sin’s cumulative consequences and God’s righteous judgment. But what happened and how did we get to such an extreme spiritual crisis? With churches on every corner, strategies running out our ears, a thirty-year prayer movement and innovative methods galore, how could this possibly have happened? Make no mistake — God does have an answer and we can return to revival closeness with Himself! It begins with deeper brokenness, prayer, and repentance. In Iceberg Dead Ahead, readers are brought to deep brokenness over present and future conditions. Yet even more, believers discover “why” we are weak and “how” God restores His people! They rediscover the crucial missing relational foundations and essential priorities of revived believers and churches. In this tool, Christians learn to truly abide in Christ’s fullness and power. (Acts 1:8 and John 15:4-8) Make no mistake — it is intimacy, surrender, fullness and power in Jesus we need, not just better programs! Yet a modern Great Awakening would mean thirty million conversions within three short years! Click Here to Read More or to Purchase

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor

Seeking God to Seek a Pastor For churches in the midst of pastor search, I have great news! When the pastor leaves, Jesus doesn’t--. How glorious to realize the interim can actually become a powerful time of growth and transformation. Unfortunately for most churches that is definitely not what transpires. Seeking God To Seek A Pastor helps interim churches refocus on Jesus as the true Head of the Church. This process helps congregations experience the dynamic prayer, deep renewal, and relational healing that prepares them for a powerful new beginning. Especially in our day of confusion, it is critical to help churches discern their most strategic needs and clearly hear God’s voice in their critical decisions. In this tool, committees and churches experience three crucial elements now missing from most search procedures. First, the search committee and church body embrace a powerful process of increased prayer, cleansing, and unity. Second, the church is helped to identify its primary barriers to true revival and kingdom-growth. Third, committees learn how to draw near to God and clearly hear His voice for the right pastor. Click Here to Read More or to Purchase